New lesbian meeting | 25/09/2019

The evening already had been such a giggle; catching up on so much news I felt I had missed since the last time we were together. A simple evening just the two of us but we hadn’t stopped laughing and giggling and of course the wine flowed as it always does allowing for more relaxed banter and discussion of a horny nature. Standing as we were in the kitchen I couldn’t help catching a moment as I looked at my pretty friend, I felt as if I was looking at her with new eyes, seeing something a little different maybe. It was just in a split second, nothing more, but in that time I felt a little too aroused, or was it merely all that wine flowing faster through my body. With such naughty banter you can’t help but feel giddy and carefree, and watching her in the way she laughed her relaxed demeanour, she cast off a radiant glow revealing the little wild spirit hidden deep inside her that I loved to see. That too elevated my spirits and relaxed my thoughts.

I watched as she reached in to the fridge to get a little more wine, ensuring we kept our glasses topped up and clinking while our night continued. As she did, I found myself feeling a little more aroused and playful and without any thought I touched and held her arm to help steady her as she swung the door shut. An innocent movement but in doing so and making that physical connection I felt a spark of excitement. I wasn’t sure why, but I did. I felt it was more than something, I felt my wild spirit getting a little tweaked. Our bodies were close, as they had been most of the evening, allowing us the intimacy to talk and chat and pour our wine. I loved that I could smell the floral perfume she always wore, a scent I only ever associated with her. Turning as I did, I felt the presence of her body more significantly than before. The closeness I became more conscious of, but I found it suddenly more deeply arousing and so deliciously intimate and sensual. It was just a second, that’s all it took, a second in which caught her look straight on, the banter ceasing and for that brief moment I found myself leaning in and planting her soft, gentle feminine lips with mine. I didn’t hesitate or move, but found her responding in equal measure. Our lips at first testing the response before giving way to so much more strength and yearning. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensuous moment we were exploring together as we kissed with a growing appetite, neither giving way nor suggesting it wasn’t meant to be.

As our mouths explored each other I found myself deeply excited by the moment, not hesitating but wanting more and to feel and touch her skin. Then letting my hands draw up her skirt I allowed them to seek more. I didn’t for one moment stop to question my actions, it felt right and so desirable at the time. I reached up to her panties, the delicate netting fronting her pussy. It was the first time I had ever touched another girl there, and I was eager to feel her soft wispy pussy hair pressed beneath her panties. I gently circled her mounded lips, knowing how good it would feel as our mouths continued to explore each other. Never at any point did I feel my actions were not wholeheartedly accepted, more that they were received with a deepening lust and passion for hot girl sex.

Drawn so close as we were, her hands were soon wrapped around my waist, my tight skirt hugging my hips and bottom. I became conscious of the zip expanding as she found the route to open my skirt, allowing it to fall to the ground as it did, exposing the pale skin of my bottom and my deep red thong. Her hands began tracing over my body, stroking the curves of my hips and cheeks, taking in the body shape so often hidden. I sensed the pleasure she received from the warmth of my body and the soft scent of my feminine skin. The excitement fused within me and I found myself so keen to remove her clothing, unbuttoning her blouse and seeking her pretty breasts beneath. It seemed so natural, revealing our bodies as we were, her skirt, full and flouncy fell to the floor and I was met with the chance to properly engage with her body.

Kneeling before her I traced my fingers into her panties while pulling them to one side, presenting her moist pussy lips to my eye level. Without any hesitation I let my fingers stroke her opening, feeling the moist folds react to my touch, arousing more of their interest. I couldn’t help but wonder how she tasted, smelling her sweet scent growing and I leant in, extending my tongue to gently lick her swelling valley, pushing my tongue deeper into her delicious pussy. Within an instant I found my body surging with pleasure, the thrill of licking her body surprised me, and I continued with such relish so eager to please her and enjoy the pleasure it gave me. I fingered her more intensely, feeling her muscles clench and contract around me, her soft creamy juices covering and dripping onto my hands confirming the pleasure she had endured.

Slipping her bottom onto the work surface she opened her legs to me further, exposing more of her sweet pussy to play with. Her head back her soft moans began as I laboured on her body, using what I felt would give the most satisfaction, fingers, tongue, lips, mouth, burying my head within her thighs. Teasing and playing with her beautiful body.

Without the need for any words to be spoken, my top was soon being removed and my panties slid down my body to the floor revealing my aching swelling lips. Within moments I was in such ecstasy as her fingers began disappearing into my pussy, perusing the pleasure and seeking the exact location of my need. It was so intense, I wanted more fingers exploring me, stretching my body and responding to my growing ache. With a giggle and a naughty smirk she didn’t hesitate and started to tease my opening with a cucumber. At first it felt alien and cold but I giggled as well as it started to bear in to me, forcing with such delight my pussy to grow and expand. A bizarre pleasure but so satisfyingly naughty, my organic dildo was no match for my burning horn as I wanted it deeper and deeper, stretching and arousing all my sexy muscles, letting me reach my heavenly orgasm with such intensity.