Ditaleno & Sylvan | 30/09/2019

Sylvan suggested we head out to the country. To the place where we used to meet in secret before we became proper lovers. Of course, there was no way, me too busy with my job to travel very far and Sylvan writing his book. He has big ideas about what he can achieve in the small time we have together so I mention somewhere closer to home so we don’t spend the whole time travelling.

“OK,” he said. “But I want it to be like when we first met.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to finger you like we’re teenagers again.”

And those words had me wet before I could even reply. I stuttered over the phone.

“Yes.” I coughed and looked round to the others in my office as if they’d be able to hear what he was saying. “That sounds good.”

He could clearly hear the tremble in my voice and began to tease me.

“What sounds good?”

He knew I had a thing for voyeurism and saying something like this in earshot of my colleagues, he knew it would be turning me on.

“Ruby, answer me.”

I cleared my throat and whispered, “What you just said,” knowing he would not accept it as a true response.

“Ruby… I’m waiting.”

“I want you to…”

“Want me to what?”

Another quick glance around the office and I shifted in my seat to ease my growing lust.

“Finger me.”

“Oh really?” he said wickedly. “I bet everyone heard that, didn’t they? I bet they can all see your bright red cheeks and smell the delicious arousal coming from your wet cunt.”

Fuck. Fuck, he had me now.

“Possibly.” I scanned the room again, probably looking shiftier than a street flasher. He was loving this. He would be hard too. I could tell by the cadence of his voice, slightly gruffer than usual and straining as if he’d fisted his hand around his shaft. I bet he had. I bet he was rubbing himself off already.

“Good, now they’ll know exactly what you’ve been up to in the ladies won’t they?”

It was my cue.

“I’ll call you back,” I said, hanging up and shuffling the things on my desk, quickly closing my laptop. I stood up and, as discretely as I could, checked the back of my skirt to see if my dampness had spread the way I imagined it had.

If there’s one thing about Sylvan, he really knows how to get me going. Like really going.

I stole through to the loos and quickly locked myself in the furthest cubicle. I was so turned on I could barely wait to press his number.

My skirt was already up over my ass by the time the phone was ringing.


“It’s me,” I said unnecessarily.

“Are you somewhere you can open up that sweet pussy of yours?”

“Yes,” I barely whispered, my breath was raspy and hot.

“Good,” he said. “Loosen your blouse and pull down your bra.”

Oh god, when he commands me to do things, I’m a wreck. I clamped the phone to my ear in case I missed any instructions and unbuttoned my top with one hand. I cupped my palm over the sheer bra to feel my beaded nipples straining to be released. I teased myself a little before tugging the bra down over the sensitive knot of flesh that sent a shot of electricity straight to my pussy. My left nipple was free but it was a bit awkward to sort out the other one. Sylvan must have heard me struggling.

“Hurry up,” he growled, I want those pretty titties on show for me before you get any attention.

I freed the right one quickly, savouring the way my blouse dragged across it.

My nipples were so hard it was almost painful and I wished he was here to suck on them, draw them into his hot mouth and suckle me, swirl his tongue around them.

“Are you on show?”

“Yes.” I clumsily held the phone to my ear with my shoulder, mindful of my neck bending too hard and my breath mirrored my effort.

“What’s going on?” Sylvan asked, sounding a little frustrated.

“Nothing, I’m just trying to hold the phone.” I shuffled about again, worried my mobile might slip out and fall down the toilet. “Hang on a bit.”

I turned around and took the phone out of the crook of my neck and put it on the cistern facing me while I shut the toilet seat and hauled up my skirt which had slipped back over my buttocks. It was all rather sweaty and a bit of a kafuffle.

The clank of the large fire door and clack of heels made me freeze. “I’ll call you back,” I said quickly and hung up as his objections started.

I now knew that keeping the phone balanced on the cistern with the loudspeaker on was simply not an option. I picked it up and sent a text.

“Send your instruction via message then I will video call you, but you must stay silent ok?”

The reply was almost instant.

“Fine. I want your tits out and your skirt up over your ass. I want you to finger yourself until you come through your panties. Not pulling the crotch to the side, I want to see them all wet.”

A frisson of lust bolted through me and I set up the phone opening the video app and making sure I was in shot. I dialled and he answered straight away.

He was sitting at his desk and leaning back in his chair, a salacious smile across his lips. By his expression I knew he’d been pleasantly surprised by my text.

He opened his mouth to speak and I glared, putting my finger to my lips as noises of the woman next to me filtered through the thin laminate wall.

He smiled softly in acquiescence and nodded at me to start.

I took a big breath and stole myself at what I was about to do. I’d never performed a sex show for Sylvan before and I was shaking.

I checked my breasts were still out and held eye contact with him as I cupped each one, letting it fall before scooping my blouse open to give him full view. I glanced down to make sure my nipples were displayed as I wanted them to be. I swear actual sparks of electricity jolted and sizzled and shot straight to my cunt.

My cunt. Oh god. It was twitching and peaking in anticipation. I knew I’d be slippery, my knickers already in the state Sylvan desired. I held my skirt up over my underwear making a slow turn to show him my cammies the whole way around.

He groaned slightly and I swung back, leaning in and throwing him the biggest warning look I could muster.

“OK,” he mouthed silently, holding up his hands in apology, “I’m sorry.”

The thought that someone could hear what we were up to terrified and excited me in equal measure. The toilet flushed and the clattering of the door and taps being turned on signalled the woman’s imminent departure. I pretended there were still others in, I liked this dynamic. I know I could have set the phone to silent but I was invested in the heightened fear that accidental sound could expose us.

I was desperate to pull my pants to the side and shove my fingers in knuckle deep. My arousal had amped up and I was ready for anything. Oh his cock would feel so sweet right now. I’ve never felt that a clitoral only orgasm might be frustrating but at this moment I knew it would be. I needed fingers inside. I needed cock. And to tease me further, Sylvan pushed his chair back to his erection was in full view. He grasped it in his fist and started pumping up and down.

So cruel!

I lifted one foot up on the toilet and plunged my fingers to my mound, cupping it hard and moving them rhythmically, hinting at my soaked entrance. We locked gazes and he shook his head slowly knowing full well what I wanted to do.

I pulled my touch back up and rubbed around and around at my clit using the flats of my fingertips to build my pleasure. It didn’t take long—my pussy was convulsing and needy to come already and I didn’t hold back as I saw the slack look cross his face. I pressed hard, using both hands to get strong enough purchase and rubbed back and forth as I watched the pumping of his hand increase to that blur before slowing, the climax imminent. I held my breath, trying to keep my eyes open to witness our joint orgasm and I was there on the brink. My cunt clutched and spasmed under my touch and I rubbed harder, hanging in that slight place of panic where a release is so close you worry it might not come. Just as a ribbon of white jizz shot from Sylvan’s cock, I exploded. My orgasm rocking my pussy and making my legs shake uncontrollably, my heels skating across the floor. I had to jam my body against the corner of the cubicle and lock out my arms against the sides to stabilise myself.

When I finally composed myself and slowed my breathing, I saw Sylvan laughing at me, biting his fist. I sorted out my clothing and winked before shutting off the call.


“That was some show you put on missy,” Sylvan had a very saucy look on his face as he poured champagne into two glasses and handed me one.

“One tries,” I said sighing, feigning stardom. We clinked glasses and giggled together looking around the lovely hotel room we’d managed to book. A country house not too far away. It had only taken an hour to get out of the city but I was still in my damp knickers. Sylvan had insisted. I thought he might have demanded them as soon as I’d walked through the door but it seems he was teasing himself too.

A frisson of lust coursed through me as we caught each other’s gaze over the rim of the glasses.

“So what about this fingering,” I said, the bubbles making my confidence rise.

Sylvan was surprised and he smiled, his eyes lighting up behind his sexy glasses. I always teased him for his clichéd writer look, but he loved it.

“Your wish,” he said placing his glass down and running his hand straight between my legs to find me absolutely dripping, “is my demand…”

He told me to get on the bed and wait for him with just my cammies and tank t-shirt.

I did as I was told and shuddered as I realised what he was doing.

“I want you to see how fucking sexy you are when you come.” He manoeuvred the freestanding mirror to the bottom of the bed and tilted it so that I could easily see my reflection. Nerves and excitement bubbled in my chest and I was about to say no when I thought, fuck it, I’d already put on a live sex show earlier on the phone, I could certainly follow up with a mirror show.

He joined me on the rustic four poster bed and got me to sit in front of him between his legs. It was a lovely position and I lay back, lifting my lips to his and we smiled at each other. Sylvan has a very sexy smile, just to note. Sultry yet cheeky, I can tell instantly when sex is on his mind by the way he smiles and lust burned hot in this one.

He began by massaging my breasts through my t-shirt, kneading and playing with them through the soft fabric. The memory of our teenage fumblings buzzed through me, those rushed febrile explorations, the fear of getting caught—having to find private places to touch each other.

And yet, this wasn’t like that at all. We had time, we had space, we had privacy but something about his words from earlier had me going just like we were about to be caught and chastised.

His touch drifted to my waist then lower, teasing my abdomen as nerves fluttered there. His hand lowered to my inner thigh, dragging it open as I placed my hand over his, rolling into him, luxuriating in his strong arms.

He massaged my breasts and my body writhed, desperate for him to touch my cunt but he just kept teasing, pulling my focus back up to my breasts then mouth as he kissed me. At last his fingers rubbed at my aching slit, through my panties, he groaned as he felt the wetness there and I arched my pelvis up, inviting more.

He pushed his fingers into my mouth letting me taste and smell my own musk, getting my fingers good and lubed up to rub my nipple.

He knows how to drive me wild and finally, his fingers slid beneath my silky cammies and he rubbed my clit round and round knowing exactly when to stop as my pleasure mounted.

It felt so good and I gasped, about to spread my legs wide but he decided to pull off my knickers, hooking them round my ankles. Once naked from the waist down, I let my knees fall apart and glanced up to watch him watch what he was doing to me, so hot as he held me in place, playing with my pussy, exposing me.

Holding my head in the crook of his arm, he cupped my jaw, anchoring me to him as he reached over to the nightstand and pulled out my vibrator.

Oh, I was ready for this, so ready. I might not be able to hold off. He ran the toy down the side of my lips where he knew I loved it then dipped it into me for just a second.

Oh, he’s cruel! It was perfect. He used the tip just at the side of my clit, on the hood, the flesh protecting me from the intensity, then he opened my petals right up, revealing the beautiful pink there, working the dildo around and around. I started to flutter and buck my hips to meet the rising need. He held me open with two fingers and I gasped as the spasms grew deep within. And then, with his careful clever ministrations suddenly I was almost coming.

“I’m going to come, don’t stop.” And this time, he didn’t tease, he kept the pressure on my clit and held me fast as my pleasure grew and rose. I bit my lip and concentrated just in case the feeling flipped out of sight. I’ve tried to explain to him that it can require a lot of focus to come, but he doesn’t believe me.

“Don’t be dramatic, he said once, just let go and come!”

So I remembered his words and gave up my control, allowing my body to take over my mind. The fluttering became a convulsing and heat welled within my core, rising and building. I’d been on the brink most of the day and this was huge. My pussy twitched and my pelvis tipped up to meet the vibrations, pleasure mounting the whole time. And then, I was at the apex, my body went tense then limp and I shuddered to an almighty climax. It was sensational. Stars flipped and exploded in my very cells and all my synapsis flared at once.

Sylvan held me tight and cradled me as I rocked with after-shocks. When I was finally done, he pulled up my knickers and rolled me over so he could give my ass a sharp spank. I giggled.

Looked like there would be much more to explore later on that night.

I took a quick glimpse to the bottom of the bed, damn, we’d forgot to watch in the mirror, I’d been so caught up in my pleasure I’d forgotten about that.

Oh well, like I said, more to explore later on.